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The Year Was 1923...

  Our Cemetery

   A Peaceful, Park-Like Setting...

   Families have preferred Roosevelt Memorial Park since Hollywood Boulevard was a two-lane road. Founded in        1923, this lovely, gracious Memorial Park in the center of the city offers tree-shaded areas for traditional burial,       seven magnificent mausoleums, and a peaceful rose garden for the scattering of cremated remains.

   The centerpiece of the park is our Chapel of Faith, offering peace, tranquility, and repose. We have designed          Roosevelt Memorial Park as a place for calm reflection in the midst of an active community.

   Feel free to visit our beautiful Memorial Park - a peaceful place to visit a loved one or gather your thoughts.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opened

                 A young cartoonist named Walt Disney arrives in Los Angeles with $40 in his pocket

The 242 mile long Colorado River Aqueduct construction to bring water to Los Angeles  is half finished

                   Los Angeles hit one million residents

The Hollywood sign was erected in the Hollywood Hills

              Los Angeles General Hospital was built

Roosevelt Memorial Park holds its opening dedication